Dr Eamers Emporium
Dr Eamers Emporium

Dr Eamers' Emporium - a hand crafted small batch gin producer that utilises a traditional technique of cold compounding

Dr Eamers' Gin is made by hand in small batches, we only use the finest botanicals to create a unique and distinct flavour. 

This flavour is further enhanced by the traditional method used to infuse the botanicals into the spirit. Rather than boiling the botanicals within the spirit, through the process of distillation, Dr Eamers cold compounds the botanicals, infusing their flavour without the need to heat. 

This process imparts the true flavour of each carefully selected botanical into the spirit, allowing for each of the botanicals distinct flavours to be appreciated separately from the rest.

Dr Eamers' create two distinct Gins, our bold Citrus Spiced Gin - Juniperus Elixir and our delicious Fruit Gin combining Strawberry, Raspberry and Kiwi.

This is not just for Gin lovers... this is for everyone!



If you would like to purchase Dr Eamers' Juniperus Elixir, you can now do so from Master of Malt.

If you would like further information, please use the enquiry form to get in touch.

we're not just about gin, hire A different style bar, for any style event!


Not only do we create our own Gin, we also have a passion for cocktails and have been experimenting with our own recipes, as well as some of the more traditional. There are a variety of different mobile bars out there, but we wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest, which we are sure you will agree we have achieved with our beautiful caravan!

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                         from caravan to cocktail bar

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